NPP government to include ministers representing North, says Anura Kumara



NPP Leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake emphasized the importance of including ministers representing the North in a future NPP government during a speech at the Vavuniya District convention. 

He underscored ongoing discussions with moderate Tamil leaders, aiming to incorporate their perspectives into the government.

Dissanayake stressed the need for Tamil representation in the government, particularly from the North, highlighting the party’s commitment to addressing Tamil issues such as language and land rights. 

He pledged to introduce constitutional amendments to safeguard the political rights of the Tamil community.

“We are already engaging in dialogue with moderate Tamil leaders who prioritize cooperation over extremism or racism. It is imperative that the North is adequately represented in any future NPP government,” stated Dissanayake.

He said the NPP will resolve issues of the Tamils such as language issue, land issue and said that they would introduce constitutional amendments so as to ensure political rights of the Tamils.


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