Number of obese people increases in SL!



The number of overweight and obese people in Sri Lanka has increased significantly, the Health Ministry said. 

Community Medicine Specialist at the Non-communicable Disease Unit Dr. Shanthi Gunawardene said being overweight leads to many non-communicable diseases.

She expressed these views at a press briefing held at the Health Promotion Bureau in view of World Obesity Prevention Day under the theme “Changing Perspectives: Let’s talk about obesity.”

“In 2015, men comprised of 22.5% of overweight and obese people. According to the 2021 survey, this amount has increased to 30%. In 2015, 34% of women were found to be overweight and obese. By 2021, this number has increased to 48%. If the amount we consume is more than the amount we burn, that excess amount is deposited in our body as fat. It affects weight gain. This creates the risk of non-communicable diseases later on,” she said.


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