OIC leaves with gift-hamper money collected for senior officer!



The money collected from the Biyagama Police officers to give a hamper to a senior police officer in the Western Province for the New Year has been taken away by the former OIC of the police.

Peliyagoda Police Division has collected an amount of Rs. 32,000/- from each police station to provide a gift hamper to one senior police officer.

The police officers had handed over the collected amount to the OIC who had received a transfer.

The Peliyagoda Police Division has notified the Biyagama Police to hand over the collected amount on the day the new OIC has assumed office.

The police officers had informed the new OIC that they had handed over the collected amount to the former OIC.

When asked, the former OIC has said that the amount was given to him as a gift when he was being transferred.


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