Online courier scam defrauds thousands of people



An investigation has been launched into a fraud conducted through the online banking system by setting up a website similar to the Postal Department’s website and under the guise of providing courier services, the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) informed Colombo Chief Magistrate Prasanna Alwis yesterday (25).

The CID said that they commenced the investigation based on a complaint made by the Postmaster General.

The CID informed the Court that they are yet to ascertain whether Postal Department employees were involved in these frauds or whether external parties are behind it. 

Accordingly, the CID requested the Court to issue an order to the banks to provide analytical reports regarding the credit accounts.

It was said that a text message is received on the customer’s mobile phone stating that a parcel has been received. Through that message, instructions are given to access the relevant website and credit or debit card information has been obtained online stating that Rs.95 has to be paid as stamp duty.

Then through that information, the money from the customers’ accounts has been taken in millions.

The CID said that two complaints have been received regarding the fraud of Rs.225,918.36 and Rs.297,130.81.

After considering the facts, the Magistrate ordered the banks to provide information regarding the accounts.

(Daily News)


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