Opp. MP caught with liquor permit bribe!



Details of two liquor permits being sold to two businessmen by an Opposition MP, has now been revealed.

A MP of Tamil ethnicity had sold these permits, (which are said to be worth over Rs. 20 million) to two businessmen in Digana, Kandy.

It is said that he had obtained the permits in exchange for agreeing to cross over to the government.

Upon learning of this, a chief prelate of a Buddhist temple in the Digana area had summoned these two businessmen and asked them about it. The businessmen had explained that the permits were sold by the aforementioned MP.

Subsequently, the monk had informed the Opposition Leader – Sajith Premadasa.

Allegations of Opposition MPs being baited with liquor permits has been a hot topic of late. 

The matter was also raised in Parliament by the Opposition and the Opposition leader had declared that all such permits will be cancelled after they gain power.

(Source : Lankadeepa)


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