Over 2.5 mn. Lankans have migrated in the last 2 years!



Quarterly reports of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL) have revealed that 2,565,365 Sri Lankans have left the country for various reasons in the last two years.

 According to the report statistics, 1,127,758 Sri Lankans had gone overseas in 2022 as well as 1,437,607 more in 2023.

However, out of these numbers, ony a total of 608,925 Sri Lankans (24%) have gone overseas for employment. That is 311,269 and 297,656 in 2022 and 2023 respectively. 

According to this data, the monthly average figure of Sri Lankans who migrated to foreign countries for employment in 2022 is 25,939. In 2023, that figure stood at 24,805.

Statistics confirm that 70% of those migrating to foreign countries in 2023 will be skilled and professional workers.

(Source : BBC Sinhala)


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