Pastor Jerome’s parents meet Ven. Omalpe Thero



The parents of Pastor Jerome Fernando had yesterday (Aug. 18) apologized for the controversial remarks made by their son.

The couple called on Ven. Omaple Sobhitha Thero at the headquarters of Ramanna Nikaya.

Fernando landed himself in hot water in May 2023 after a video of him making certain ‘derogatory’ statements on religious figures during one of his sermons was widely circulated on social media, and sparked much controversy.

Speaking to media after the meeting, Ven. Omaple Sobhitha Thero has said, “If an apology is sought after realising the error, we are prepared to forgive as a Buddhist society. The first round of discussions ended successfully and we hope to continue this.”

Pastor Jerome’s mother – Mrs. Fernando also thanked the Thero for the opportunity for a discussion and apologized to everyone whose sentiments were hurt by her son’s words.


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