People’s Bank & NSB yet to recover loans worth Rs. 700 bn.!



Parliamentarian Patali Champika Ranawaka the amount of loans  not recovered by the People’s Bank & National Savings Bank, amounts to Rs. 700 billion.

Speaking in Parliament today (Nov. 29), he said that it extremely unfair to recapitalize banks through public taxes without recovering these loans.

He also revealed that names of several MPs are also among the lists of those who owe to banks in this manner.

The MP emphasised that although the Committee of Public Finance has requested for the lists, the banks have failed to produce them so far.

He added that if these lists are revealed, the reputation of many persons who talk of things such as corruption, injustice as well as law and order, will be in tatters.

Therefore, what the government should actually do is to propose an active programme to recover these loans instead of pressing the taxpayer for more.


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