Police constable arrested for sexually harassing girl!



A police constable has been arrested for sexually harassing a girl, who was visiting the Samanala Wewa Reservoir with her boyfriend, by forcibly taking her to a forested area. 

The suspect was arrested by the Samanala Wewa Police on April 8.

The arrested constable was produced in the Balangoda Magistrate’s Court yesterday and was ordered to be remanded until April 20.

Meanwhile, police said the constable has been interdicted pending an investigation.

The 18-year-old girl who lives close by had visited the Samanalaweva area with her boyfriend on April 8.

The police constable who arrived on a motorcycle had inspected the boyfriend for illegal drugs and had handcuffed him to the motorcycle before forcibly taking the girl to a forested area.

A witness who was in the area had informed the Samanalawewa Police about the incident and the police had immediately arrived at the location.

The constable had already stripped the young woman when the police arrived.

The constable, who is a resident of Welioya and attached to the Hambegamuwa Police in Monaragala, was arrested.

(Ada Derana)


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