Police to continue taking street children into custody



The Sri Lanka Police have announced their intention to persist in taking street children into the custody of the state as part of ongoing efforts to address the welfare of vulnerable children. 

Deputy Inspector General of Police, Renuka Jayasundara, shared this information at a recent press briefing, emphasizing the success of a similar operation conducted in 2023.

During the 2023 operation, the police were able to take 102 street children into custody, many of whom were reportedly involved in begging activities. 

The subsequent initiative focused on placing these children in the care of suitable guardians to provide them with a more stable and secure environment.

DIG Renuka Jayasundara stated, “We were able to place them with suitable guardians. We will continue this operation in 2024,” underscoring the police’s commitment to addressing the welfare of street children.

Additionally, the Sri Lanka Police have introduced a dedicated hotline, 109, for child and female victims of abuse to seek assistance. 

This hotline is managed by female officers, ensuring privacy and a sensitive approach to handling cases of abuse.

The move aims to encourage victims to come forward and report incidents without the fear of mistreatment.

Furthermore, officials mentioned that the government is actively working on improving laws to combat child molestation and is in the process of compiling a sex offender list.


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