Politicians should also retire at 60: Prelate tells GL



Politicians should also voluntarily retire at the age of 60 giving more opportunities to the youngsters, Gatambe Rajopavanaramadhipathi and Anunayaka of Ramanna Nikaya Kappitiyagoda Sirivimala Thera said.

The Thera expressed these views yesterday (18) when MP Prof.G.L.Peiris was visiting the Thera.

The Thera said that most of the people engage in public service only to serve themselves.

Anunayaka Thera said if doctors, engineers and other professionals in the public service retire at the age of 60, the same law must be applied to all politicians.

“The Prime Minister has issued a circular that all government employees should retire at the age of 60. This is because after the age of 60, the physical, mental and health complications as well as other weaknesses occur in people. Then how can politicians continue to work even after 60? The same law should apply to them as well. We see it as a great injustice for them to escape this law. If government employees cannot work, how can politicians work? This is ludicrous. Many people do not even think of retiring from Parliament because of the privileges and benefits. This system should be changed and youths should be given opportunities. If there are academics or other people who have passed the age of 60, they should form a voluntary parliamentary advisory council to offer their service,” the Thera said.

Professor Peiris is now 76 years old.


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