Poson Full Moon Poya day, today



Today (22) is the Poson full moon Poya day.

It is considered a very important day to Buddhists in Sri Lanka as it commemorates the arrival of Buddhism in the country.

Various religious programmes are to be carried out in Mihintale and the Atamasthana, Solosmasthana and Buddhist temples across the island.

After the third Dharma Sangayana held in India, Mihindu Thero and his group came to Sri Lanka from Mihintalaya with the patronage of King Dharmashoka. 

King Devanampiyatissa, who was ruling the country at that time, also heard Dhamma from Mihindu Thero and took refuge in Sandaham, and with the arrival of Mihindu Thero, a cultural change took place. 

Along with Mihindu Thero, Sri Lanka also received 18 caste craft grades. 

Having education, literature, architecture, agriculture as well as a society full of values makes Poson Poya meaningful. 

It is a custom of Sri Lankan Buddhists to celebrate Poson with a festival, putting culture first.


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