Power disconnected over non payment of 18 cents



The electricity supply to a residence in Galvadugoda, Galle was abruptly cut off due to non-payment of a mere 18 cents in the electricity bill. The resident, Visum Mapalagama, said that Lanka Electricity Private Company Limited (LECO), the electricity provider for the city of Galle and its surroundings, had disconnected his house’s electricity supply.

Mapalagama recounted his visit to the LECO office to settle his electricity bill, which amounted to 6650.18 rupees. Curious about the 18 cents, he inquired with the cashier, who assured him that such a small amount would not result in a power disconnection. Consequently, Mapalagama paid Rs. 6650.00, leaving the remaining 18 cents unpaid.

To his dismay, a few days later, Mapalagama discovered that LECO had disconnected the electricity supply to his house. A power cut notice was left behind, stating that a reconnection would require an additional fee of Rs. 1,231, along with the outstanding amount of 18 cents.

Seeking clarification, Mapalagama visited the LECO office in Richmond Hill, Galle, with all the necessary documents to prove his bill payment. However, he was unable to meet any responsible officers at the office to lodged his complaint.

Before leaving the LECO office Mapalagama had told the office workers about his intention to take legal action. It was at this point that an LECO official contacted him, acknowledging a serious mistake on their part. The official assured Mapalagama that immediate action would be taken to restore the power supply.



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