Preacher arrested over breaking into newspaper office



A Preacher of a Christian group has been arrested after he  led group into the  Udayan newspaper office  on Kasthuriyar Road, Jaffna in protest  over an article published in the  Sunday edition of the newspaper, and threatened the media workers.

The group of about 30 people which was led by the pastor of a Christian church in Achuveli, Jaffna, was involved in the incident. The Jaffna police are carrying out investigations over the incident.

Two others also have been arrested.

They were  from the  ‘Assembly of Life Word’ in Achuveli..

They were arrested on the basis of  the initial complaint that they entered a house near the church and strangled a femalle bank employee who  had complained to the police that the preacher and others who broke into the house last Friday attacked her and her mother who were at home at that time.

The affected woman has also been treated at the hospital. Residents in the area say that the attack came after the Bank employee complained about excessive noise during prayer events in conducted by the Preacher. However the preacher and the other two told the police investigation that they went to that house because stones were thrown at the congregation.

The Preacher had stormed the newsapper office as the Udayan had published the news item on Sunday.

As a result of that about 30 men, women, boys and girls arrived at the headoffice of the Udayan  yesterday afternoon in a mini bus and a pickup truck. Defying the office security officer, the gang broke into the reception hall and demanded as on how they reported the incident. 

The religious group covered the office gate and sat on the floor so that no one could enter.

Two employees  of Udayan newspaper  approached the mob and tried to find out what their demand were and to find a solution to it. But the protesting group was not inteding to resolve the matter to resolve the matter.

 The pastor and two others who were arrested by the Achuveli police were granted bail.

“If there is any mistake in the news, if you submit the relevant evidence and explanation, we will investigate it accordingly and make a decision. “If not, approach the matter legally,” the mob was repeatedly told by the newspaper, but the mob did not heed  to it and protested.

The gang members took photographs and videotaped the employees of Udayan Press without their permission.

It has been brought to the attention of the Minister of Public Security, Minister Tiran Alles and the ministr has assured that appropriate action will be taken in this regard.



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