Proposal to slash electricity bill, in parliament this week



MP Nalaka Bandara Kottegoda, Chair of the Sectoral Oversight Committee on Energy and Transport has said the committee has completed preparing necessary proposals to reduce the electricity bill. 

He expressed this opinion while speaking to the media today. Accordingly, the Committee Chair said that the proposal is expected to be submitted to the Parliament this week.

The Chair pointed out that ordinary electricity consumers as well as manufacturers and export manufacturers have been put in a lot of trouble due to the increase in the price of an electricity unit.

Accordingly, the electricity bill which was increased by 18% in October 2023 has been proposed to be removed by 100% again. It has also been suggested that the Ceylon Electricity Board is making a lot of profit due to the heavy rainfall and that the benefits of that profit should be given to the electricity consumers.

Proposals to exempt solar panels from VAT

The Chair also stated that it has been proposed to add the electricity produced by rooftop solar panels installed to the national system as soon as possible and to exempt the import of solar panels from VAT.

It has also been proposed to revise the electricity charges only twice a year and to introduce a package system in the payment of electricity charges.

Moreover, the Committee Chair stated that he expects to discuss the new Electricity Act with all relevant parties through the Committee.


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