Raheem has smuggled in goods through VIP terminal on six occasions



The Customs has received information that MP Ali Sabri Raheem has smuggled in gold and other goods into the country illegally through the VIP Terminal of the Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA), Katunayake on six previous occasions.

The Customs officials have also received information that the MP has brought gold and mobile phones worth more than Rs.70 million to Sri Lanka under the contract of a certain person or group.

They said that the MP receives a large amount of money from the contractors after smuggling in gold and mobile phones.

The Customs imposed a fine of 7.5 million rupees on the MP and confiscated the stock of gold and mobile phones.

Although the people usually do not pay the fines at once after they have been imposed with fines, the MP has paid the fines and left Customs custody on 23rd night itself.

If someone fails to pay the fines, the Customs will produce them in court and remand them.

The Customs officers have informed the Speaker about the arrest of the MP.

Customs sources also said that there was some pressure on the Customs to get the goods and the MP released from its custody.

Meanwhile, the Inland Revenue Department and the State Intelligence Services are conducting investigations regarding the gold and other goods brought by the MP and his immediate payment of the fine.

The MP has told the media that he was not the one who brought the gold in question, and that he had to pay a fine of Rs.7.5 million for an offense he did not commit.


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