Retired DIG, NWP politician to be quizzed



Police are planning to question a retired Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) and another powerful politician in the North Western Province in connection with the investigation into the murder of Susith Jayawansha in Kuliyapitiya.

Jayawansha who went to his girlfriend’s house in Wassaulla, Kuliyapitiya, on April 22, on a request by his girlfriend’s father, had been later beaten to death and his body had been found in Madampe Panirendawa forest reserve.

Police have also received information that the former DIG retired after working in the North Western Province and his wife is a relative of the main suspect in this murder.

A senior Police officer involved in the investigation said that it was the retired DIG who misled the Police by saying that the main suspect, Singithi, and his wife would be handed over to the Police and later convinced them to surrender to Court.

Investigations have also revealed that Singithi, the main suspect in this murder, is in close association with several powerful politicians in the North Western Province.

Police have received information that he has taken legal advice from two North Western Province politicians who are also lawyers.

During an investigation of the telephone network, it has also been clearly revealed that Singithi had made several telephone calls to these politicians on those days.

Police had recorded a statement from Athula Wijesinghe, a former Chief Minister of the North Western Province, after it was found that Singithi had placed calls to him.

So far eight people have been arrested in connection with this murder.

Among them are the main suspect Singithi, his wife and his parents.

In addition, Singithi’s brother-in-law and the two carpenters who were brought by Singithi from Welimada to assist him with this murder too are under custody.


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