Rice imported in excessive amounts due to lack of commissions!



The government is causing more damage to the farmers by importing rice in excessive amounts than the damage caused by the ban on chemical fertilizers, United Rice Producers Association President Muditha Perera said.

He said the country’s paddy production has decreased by 1.1 million metric tons or 600,000 metric tons of rice due to the ban on chemical fertilizers.

However, he said more than 800,000 metric tons of rice have been imported so far and alleged that more imports are being made.

Mr. Perera said that rice is being imported in this manner not because of a shortage of rice, but because of a lack of commissions.

He said that importing rice unnecessarily is a grave crime when there is a massive shortage of USDs in the country.

A highly reliable source told the ‘Sri Lanka Mirror’ that Trade Minister Nalin Fernando has been accused of granting licenses to import rice unnecessarily.


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