Rohini blasts Susil over apology!



Rohini blasts Susil over apology!

Matale District SJB MP Rohini Kavirathna lambasted Education Minister Dr. Susil Premajayantha over several ‘questionable’ remarks he had made last week followed by an apology in Parliament.

The Minister extended an apology to the MP yesterday over previous remarks he has made, expecting a positive response from the MP.

However, the MP responded by assigning a new post to the minister. She called him a “Kunuharupacharya (Expert in profanities).”

Minister Premajayantha first tendered his apology,”I am sorry if MP Kavirathna was hurt in any way during the conversation that took place in this House last Friday. I would also like to say that those remarks were not aimed at her.”

However, the MP responded by accusing the Speaker as well. She said she was ready to raise a question of privilege over the matter. 

“I would like to know from you, Hon. Speaker. I have doubts whether my question of privilege was postponed until the minister made this statement. The speech made by the Leader of the House, Minister of Education, Kunuharupacharya Susil Premajayantha…”

“Do the Speaker and the Prime Minister accept the speech he made that day? Has it been removed from the Hansard?  We know that this word is mentioned in the ‘Sumangala’ Dictionary, but I cannot say it out loud. I would like to ask the Speaker whether it is appropriate to use that word in this Parliament. When a woman speaks in Parliament, others take out ‘Sthri Nimiththa’ and make unacceptable remarks. I’m not sure whether the minister did his thesis on ‘Sthri Nimiththa,” the MP said.

The Minister of Education did not respond.


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