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Rs.12,260mn in bank accounts of Pastor Jerome & wife



The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) informed the court that over Rs. 12 billion had been received by the personal accounts of Pastor Jerome, the accounts of his private firm, the accounts of his church and that of his wife Melanie Diane Vanculanberg in 12 state and private banks.

This was stated in the reports submitted by the CID based on the search operations conducted from July 7 to 12 on Frederic Christopher Jerome Fernando, also known as Pastor Jerome, who is alleged to have criticized several religions and beliefs by damaging the harmony among different communities and religions.

It was reported that Rs. 6.1 billion has been spent to establish the Miracle Dome located at Veyangoda Road, Katunayake where Pastor Jerome delivered his sermons.

The CID informed the Court that investigations are being conducted under the Money Laundering Act regarding how the money was received.

It is also mentioned in the report that 10 sermons had been held at the Miracle Dome from last March to May and two unedited CDs had been taken into custody.

The statement of Sachin Dhanushka Punchihewa, head of the media of that church, has been recorded.

Ashel Menaka Fernando, another employee, had said that the CCTV footage was not available at that time and that it would be provided immediately.

However, the CID had not received the footage so far. Therefore, the CID asked the Court to issue a notice to Sachin Dhanushka Punchihewa since he is deliberately concealing the evidence needed for this investigation.

Also, on July 18, the King’s Revival Church, which is said to be owned by Pastor Jerome, was searched based on the search warrant obtained from the Court and the report was submitted by the Police.

The report stated that Pastor Jerome had been preaching in all three languages since 2001 there and had 1,200 permanent members.

K.R.A.C. Kulasekara, the guardian of the church, has said that the sermons had not been recorded.

It was also informed that a place in Menerigama, Mount Lavinia was also inspected.

The members of Jamiatul Ulama Organization of Marandagahamula, Kalmunai, have volunteered to give a statement regarding the remarks made by the Pastor.

Jamiatul Ulama Chairman P.M.S.A. Ansar Mawlana has stated that Pastor Jerome had made hateful statements about Islam and its devotees, CID reported.

The CID asked permission to record statements from Ruwani Niwanthika, an organizer of the pastor’s organization, Mahendraraja Mayurathan of Ukulankulama, Vavuniya, Colombo 2 resident Mohammad Aslam Osman, Moratuwa resident Gayathri Sanjeewa, the Commissioner General of Buddhist Affairs and the Directors of the Hindu, Muslim and Christian Religious Affairs Departments.

Accordingly, the Magistrate gave permission to record statements after considering the CID request.

Investigations conducted by the CID have revealed that millions of rupees have been exchanged through the bank accounts belonging to Pastor Jerome and others and orders were requested for further investigations in this regard.

On May 15, the CID filed a report in the Colombo Fort Magistrate’s Court and asked for a foreign travel ban against Pastor Jerome. It was granted, but the suspect pastor had already left for Singapore the previous day (May 14).

Based on a complaint made by the Executive Director of the Buddhist Information Center Ven. Angulugalle Sirivijayananda Thera to the Inspector General of Police, investigations are being carried out by the Digital Forensic Laboratory of the CID.


Landslide warnings extended




The Department of Irrigation says that the water levels in the Kelani River and Attanagalu Oya are rising to levels that requires attention.

Director of the Hydrology and Disaster Management Division of the Irrigation Department S. P. C. Sugeeshwara says that the Gin, Nilwala and Kalu Ganga remain at the flood level.

Many roads in the vicinity of the rivers have been inundated.

S. P. C Sugeeshwara warns that people should refrain from further using the rivers.

The landslide warnings issued to seven districts have also been extended, due to the prevailing weather conditions.

The Met Department predicts that the heavy showers in the South West will continue.

Heavy showers of about 75 mm can be expected in some areas.

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“SLPP Leadership can change if needed”




Former President Mahinda Rajapaska yesterday said that there should be a change in the leadership of Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP), if the need arises.

When the former President was asked about the veracity of the news on social media about imminent change of the SLPP leadership, said that he is not aware of any change in the leadership. 

The President was speaking to the media after calling on Mahanayake Thera of the Rammanya Maha Nikaya Most Ven. Makulewe Sri Wimala Thera at the Vidyawasa Pirivena in Meerigama yesterday.

Commenting on the impending regulations on social media, the former President said that there are pros and cons in the social media. “I don’t have any issue with the social media,” he said. 

Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa also visited the Sacred Kelaniya Rajamaha Viharaya and participated in religious activities. The Former President also met Chief incumbent of the Kelaniya Rajamaha Viharaya Ven. Kollupitiye Mahinda Sangharakkitha Thera and received his blessings.

Speaking to the media on the occasion, the former President said that he is physically fit despite social media reports to the contrary.


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Kusal suffers shoulder injury




During the first warm-up match of the 2023 Cricket World Cup, Sri Lanka opener Kusal Janith Perera retired early due to a shoulder injury.

He scored 34 runs before leaving the field due to a shoulder injury that has resurfaced.

So far, the Sri Lankan team has scored 127 runs for two wickets.

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