Sepal gives statement to CID on Manju Nishshanka



The “Illegal Assets Investigations Division” of the CID has obtained a statement from social media activist Sepal Amarasinghe.

The statement was linked to the a case filed by himself, Oshala Herath and Attorney-At-Law Namal Rajapaksha, against Manju Nishshanka, who is said to be the leader of the political movement – Global Sri Lankan Congress.

Sources from the CID state that statements are also to be obtained from Oshala Herath and Attorney-At-Law Namal Rajapaksha in this regard. 

Oshala Herath had initially given a statement to the CID while Manju Nishshanka too was summoned to the CID today (13).

Chinthana & Prof. Rohan goes to CID!

Meanwhile, The ‘Radical Centre’ platform today (13) filed a complaint with the CID alleging that the media stations ‘Derana’ and ‘Hiru’ as well as websites ‘Madyawediya’ and ‘Dasatha Lanka’ have been publishing news with regard to the incident of Natasha Edirisooriya in a manner that incited religious violence.

Professor Rohan Samarajeeva, social activist Jayani Abeysekera and political analyst Chinthana Dharmadasa had filed a complaint on behalf of the ‘Radical Centre’ platform in this manner.

Noting that these media have attempted to depict Natasha’s comic art as an insult to Buddhism, the ‘Radical Center’ adds that they have been repeatedly publishing edited bits of the act with the intention of inciting racism and religious violence.

They urge the CID to take legal measures against such media who are engaged in a planned process to bring back the racism in the country.

Through this complaint, they have requested that the law be implemented against these channels which are engaged in a planned process to incite racism and religious violence in the country.

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