Severed thumb found in chocolate; case filed in court



A severed thumb found inside a ‘Kandos K Super Nut Milk Choco’ bought by a staff member of the Mahiyangana Base Hospital from the hospital’s cafeteria.

After informing the office of the Mahiyangana Medical Officer of Health (MOH), it has been inspected by the Public Health Inspectors (PHIs).

The PHIs have seized the chocolate products of the same category at the cafeteria.

They have also inspected the supermarkets in Mahiyangana and chocolate products of the same category have been taken off the shelves.

Meanwhile, ‘Mawbima’ newspaper reported that the hospital staff member bought the chocolate on August 3, consumed a part of it and kept the other part in the fridge. She found the thumb when she was about to consume the rest of the chocolate on August 5.

The Mahiyangana PHIs have initiated legal action against the chocolate manufacturing company ‘Ceylon Chocolates Limited’ after reporting facts to the Mahiyangana Magistrate’s Court today (07).

Mahiyangana MOH Dr. Sahan Samaraweera, Health Inspector Chaminda Ratnayake and PHIs Amila Abeysekera and Salman Farisz are conducting investigations.

Pics courtesy: social media


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