Kosgoda Sujee’s nephew injured in Ambalangoda shooting (Update)



The Ambalangoda Police said that the deputy principal of Ambalangoda Dharmashoka Vidyala was the victim who was injured in the shooting that took place in Randombe, Ambalangoda this morning (27).

Police said that he is a resident of Migettuwatte, Balapitiya and a nephew of Kosgoda Sujee who is an underworld leader.

The shooting had taken place when he was on his way to the school.

The injured deputy principal who was shot at by two gunmen had ridden the motorbike all the way to the Ambalangoda Police with injuries.

Although the reason for the shooting has not yet been revealed, police said that this was the second shooting that took place in Ambalangoda within 12 hours.

The Ambalangoda Police said that another shooting took place in Andadola, Wathugedara last night (25).

Police said that this shooting was aimed at the main suspect of Ambalangoda millionaire businessman Mr. Halambage’s death, who is currently on bail.

Police said that he was shot at while riding a motorcycle with his son.

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Shooting incident outside Balapitiya Court!

A teacher has been injured in a shooting outside the Balapitiya Court and has been hospitalised.

The victim is a teacher attached to the Ambalangoda Zonal Educational Office.

He has also served as a Deputy Principal of a popular school in Ambalangoda.

He was shot at while riding a motorcycle this morning.


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