Sinhala and Tamil New Year 2024 dawns tonight



The Dawn of this year’s Sinhala and Tamil new year will dawn at 09.05 pm tonight (April 13).

The Nonagathaya (inauspicous time) will commence from 2.41 pm on April 13 to 3.29 am on April 14.

The Traditional meal is to be cooked at 11.06 pm on April 13th. According to astrologers, a milk rice mixed with sesame and cane jaggery as well as sweets mixed with sesame is to be prepared while donned in blue and facing the direction of the South.

The partaking of the first meal and doing the first transaction is to be held at 12.06 am on April 14 while donned in blue and facing the direction of South.

The Anointing of oil will take place at 10.17 am on April 15 while dressed in white and facing Southwards, with Divul leaves above the head and Imbul leaves at the feet. 

The Auspicious Day to set off for work is at 06.52am on April 17. According to astrologers it is best to face Northwards and head off to work after partaking in a meal of Ghee and jaggery mixed milk rice and sweetmeats.


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