SL housemaid severely abused in Saudi Arabia



In a distressing incident, Kumudini Sandya Kumari Seneviratne, a Sri Lankan housemaid who sought employment in Saudi Arabia, is currently battling severe abuse and torture at the hands of her employer. 

The harrowing tale unfolds in the Mundalama area, shedding light on the unfortunate plight of migrant workers pursuing better opportunities abroad.

Seneviratne, a resident of Kajuwatta in Mundalama, secured employment in Saudi Arabia through a private foreign employment agency in Kurunegala on May 23, 2023. 

She followed the proper procedures by registering with the Sri Lanka Foreign Employment Bureau before departing the country.

However, her ordeal began when she faced harassment in her initial place of employment, leading her to seek refuge and file a complaint with the Sri Lankan Embassy in the country. 

Despite the embassy’s intervention and a subsequent change of employer through the foreign employment agency, Seneviratne continued to face mistreatment, prompting her to seek yet another placement.

Her husband, Warnakulasuriya Neranjan Fernando, narrated the horrific experiences his wife endured, stating that the employment agency referred her for the third time to the brother’s house of her previous employer. 

There, she fell victim to severe physical assault and was subjected to acidic liquid, resulting in serious burn injuries. Seneviratne also suffered a lower limb fracture, necessitating hospitalization.

Fernando pleaded for swift action from the Foreign Employment Bureau and other relevant authorities to facilitate Seneviratne’s return to Sri Lanka. 

He expressed concern over her current condition, indicating that she is under the care of the Sri Lankan Embassy but is crippled. Unfortunately, he remains unable to establish direct contact with her.

In response to the distressing situation, steps are being taken to ensure Seneviratne’s safety and well-being. 

The Sri Lankan Embassy is actively involved, providing medical assistance and coordinating efforts to address the legal aspects of the abuse she endured. 

The Foreign Employment Bureau has been alerted to the incident, emphasizing the need for enhanced protection for Sri Lankan workers abroad.



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