SL’s electricity production, twice as high as India’s?



According to a report by the Indian Power Ministry has pointed out that the production cost of an electricity unit in Sri Lanka is over twice more than the amount India spends on an unit, the “Deshaya” newspaper reports.

According to this report, India spends only 25 Sri Lankan rupees to generate a unit of electricity, the newspaper adds.

However, Sri Lanka currently spends 52 Sri Lankan rupees to generate a unit of electricity.

It is said the main reason for this cost gap is said to be Sri Lanka largely depending on coal for its power generation, which is costly.

Although wind power and solar power are also used for electricity production in Sri Lanka, the percentage is low.

The news report further notes that India has largely reduced its energy production costs due to the proportionate use of a number of energy generation sources such as solar power, atomic power, wind power and coal.


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