Special notice to Sri Lankans stranded in Sudan!



The Foreign Affairs Ministry informed all Sri Lankans in Sudan to approach the temporary Saudi Mission in Port Sudan.

In a tweet, Minister Ali Sabry said the Saudi Arabian Government has launched the temporary Saudi Mission in a special secure hotel in Port Sudan.

The Minister said that arrangements have been made to evacuate Sri Lankans who arrive at this special mission.

Meanwhile, the Ministry said that 13 Sri Lankans were evacuated with the assistance of the Saudi Government.

“Sri Lanka continues to monitor the evolving security situation in Sudan and is closely working with its international partners, including the Indian Government and Saudi Arabia to evacuate the stranded Sri Lankans.”

“The Sri Lankan Embassy in Cairo and Sri Lanka’s Honuorary Consul in Khartoum are in regular contact with the relevant parties in Khartoum, including the Sudanese authorities and the Indian Embassy in Khartoum, to secure a safe evacuation.”

“The Embassy of Sri Lanka in Cairo can be reached via e-mail: and telephone +201272813000. The Secretary of the Honorary Consulate of Sri Lanka in Khartoum Mr. Sayed Abdel can be contacted via telephone +249912394035 for any immediate assistance,” it said.


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