Special transport services for New Year



Special train services have been launched for the convenience of people visiting their homes outside of urban areas for the Sinhala and Tamil New Year, Railways Deputy General Manager M. J. Idipolage said.

Mr. Idipolage said that a train from Colombo to Badulla at 7.30 pm and a train from Badulla to Colombo at 5.20 pm have been added as special trains this month.

Meanwhile, the daily train from Colombo Fort to Badulla at 6.30 am and the daily train from Badulla to Colombo Fort at 7.00 am which were added from April 5 will continue until April 17.

In addition, a special train would be operated from Colombo Fort to Galle on both April 15 and 16.

Mr.Idipolage said that a special train will be operated from Galle to Colombo Fort on April 16 and 17.

Meanwhile, special bus services would also be operated during the New Year season.

Sri Lanka Transport Board Deputy General Manager A. H. Panduka Swaranhamsa said that these bus services are being operated from selected major cities including Colombo until April 18.

Meanwhile, Lanka Private Bus Owners’ Association President Gemunu Wijeratne said that private buses will also be added to the service as per the requirement.



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