Specific month for A/L exam!



President Ranil Wickremesingh has emphasized the need for fixed examination periods and announced his intention to legally establish a specific month for the GCE Advanced level examination. 

Any changes to the fixed schedule would require submission to Parliament for approval, except in cases of extreme emergencies such as pandemics or Tsunami. The President also highlighted the preparation of corresponding laws.

This was stated during a discussion held yesterday (14) with the expert committee appointed to support the ministerial committee for the national education policy framework.

Furthermore, President Ranil Wickremesinghe emphasized the importance of retaining children in school education for thirteen years and called for a decision regarding the necessity of the GCE Ordinary Level Examination and the Year Five Scholarship examination.  

In addition, the President has emphasized the imperative of advancing education and technology while maintaining the standard of the school system. Special attention was given to the measures required to enhance the English skills of school children.

Recognizing the significance of the quality of education, the President has also stressed the need for established standards in both government and private schools. To achieve this, the operation of inspectorates was deemed necessary.

Furthermore, President Ranil Wickremesinghe highlighted the urgency for immediate changes in the vocational training sector. Acknowledging that a trained workforce is essential for a country’s development, he underscored the importance of rapid transformations in Sri Lanka’s vocational training sector to meet the demands of the upcoming labour market.


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