Sri Pada season ends tomorrow



The Sri Pada season will come to an end tomorrow on the Vesak Poya day, Chief Incumbent of Sri Pada and Uva Wellassa University Chancellor Dharma Keerthi Sri Thripitakacharya Sri Sumangala Rathanapala Dhammarakkhihtabhidhana Bengamuwe Sri Dhammadinna Thera said.

On the day of Vesak Poya tomorrow (05), there will be many religious events at the Sri Pada Uda Maluwa and the casket carrying the sacred relics and the statue of God Saman will be brought back to the Galpoththawela Sripada Rajamaha Vihara from Sri padaya after the Vesak full moon poya day on the 6th morning.

The casket and the relics will be carried through several routes to Galpotthawela Sri Pada Rajamaha Vihara on the 6th night. After conducting a number of religious events and poojas according to ancient rituals in the early hours of the 7th, the casket and the relics will be kept at the temple till the end of Sri Pada off-season.


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