“State Minister linked to Theft at KKS Cement factory”



Former Chairman of the Sri Lanka Cement Corporation Gamini Ekanayake has  lodged a complaint against State Minister Chamara Sampath Dasanayake with the Criminal Investigation Department (CID).

He alleged that theft amounting to billions of rupees has taken place at the state-owned Kankasanthurai cement factory with the endorsement of the Minister.

Mr. Ekanayake had told the CID that he had taken all the steps to implement the decision to sell the scrap metal in this land in the Tender procedure, as per the relevant Cabinet decision.

But instead of implementing the cabinet decision, the State Minister had first removed much of the army personnel that was guarding the factory premises, leaving the premises largely unguarded.

He also pointed out that there is a clear connection between the recruitment of seven people from Badulla to this factory and the sudden withdrawal of scrap iron worth 22 million in two months after the army was withdrawn.

Lodging the complaint with the CID, the former chairman also called for a full formal investigation in this regard.

Following a revelation made in parliament over the alleged theft, an irate State Minister Chamara Sampath had berated the MP who had raised the question and the former Chairman.

The manner of his speech was severely criticized by opposition MPs and addressing the schoolchildren viewing the debate at the premises, MP Dallas Alahapperuma apologized to them on behalf of their public representatives.


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