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Statement to Channel 4: Kongahage says he was misled



Former Sri Lankan Ambassador to Switzerland Sarath Kongahage said a private media agency in Sri Lanka obtained a statement from him regarding the Easter Sunday terrorist attacks by giving him false information and used that statement in the ‘Channel 4’ documentary.

He said that the journalist who obtained the statement told him that he wanted an interview for the ITN channel in London.

Accordingly, he said that he never knew that the interview was obtained by the British Channel 4, and that he would not have made any statement if he had known.

He said that he had been lied to and two white men were brought to his home and that Channel 4 had completely distorted his statement. He said that this person spoke to him in March last year and accordingly he had given the interview.

He said this while speaking at a press conference held at the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute.
“A statement was taken from me regarding the attack on Easter Sunday. They came to my house and conducted the interview. I was told that it is for the London ITN channel. So I also gave them an interview. However, later they broadcast it on Channel 4 in Britain. Only later did I know. Initially, if I had known about this, I would not have given any interview to that channel,” Kongahage said.

“A friend of mine who works in a private channel was the one who visited. I said that the terrorist attack on Easter Sunday was the work of ISIS terrorists or Muslim extremists. I asked how Mahinda Rajapaksa won the Presidential Elections in 2005 and 2010. Mahinda Rajapaksa was the most popular person at the time.”

“Also, the required footage has been provided to Britain’s Channel 4 by a local television channel,” he said.

Source: Daily News


No train tickets needed this evening?




The Sri Lanka Railway Stations Masters Union is poised to commence several trade union actions from this evening (14  June).

They are protesting against recruitment issues, among others.

Among the trade union action planned, the decision to not issue tickets this evening has been trending.

This would mean passengers will be able to travel without tickets, the railway department would incur a loss of revenue, as well as a disruption would occur in accepting parcels and delivering them.

The Union’s chairman Sumedha Somarathna said that management of the railway and its staff, acceptance and distribution of parcels, issuing tickets and providing revenue reports to the Railway department are among their duties.

He added that a final decision on their trade union action would be taken this evening.

The Union’s general secretary Sanjaya Jayasundera said that they have requested a written answer to their grievances by 2 pm today.

Though the locomotive operators, controllers, station masters and operation managers belong to the same cadre, a special cabinet paper has been approved to promote the locomotive operators, controllers and operation managers every five years. The station masters request they too be granted the same frequency of promotions, adding that at present it is every 10 years and that it is unfair to them.

He further stated that there are 1372 posts of railway masters and yet, only 900 are filled at present; the number could decline further in the next two years and the Union wants the vacancies filled as soon as possible.

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Shooting incident ‘targeting’ former MP Uddika was self-orchestrated : Police




Sri Lanka Police says it has been uncovered that the incident where several gunshots had been fired at the vehicle belonging to former Anuradhapura District parliamentarian Uddika Premaratne, had been orchestrated by the actor-turned-politician himself with the assistance of an Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) in the area.

Speaking during a press conference held in Colombo today (13), the Police Media Spokesman DIG Nihal Thalduwa said that the suspects connected to the incident have been identified so far following investigations carried out by the CID.

On September 17, 2023, a group of unidentified gunmen had opened fire at Premaratne’s car soon after he returned to his residence in Anuradhapura at around 10:35 p.m. The parliamentarian had managed to escape unharmed.

The perpetrators, who had arrived in a car, were said to have targeted the parliamentarian who was walking towards the house after parking his vehicle. The left rear door glass of Premaratne’s car was damaged in the shooting incident for which the gunmen were believed to have used a pistol.

Anuradhapura police initiated investigations soon after the incident was reported and Special Task Force (STF) personnel were deployed to beef up the security near the MP’s house. Later, investigations into the matter were handed over to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID).

However, the former MP claimed that the existing system within the country was the reason behind the recent shooting incident targeting him.

Speaking in Parliament in this regard, MP Premaratne said that while he believed the system was the cause behind the recent shooting outside his residence, it is also the reason why the country is in the state it is today.

Later on 27 February 2024, the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) MP resigned as a Member of Parliament, following which S.C. Muthukumarana of SLPP was appointed to fill the vacant MP seat.

However, Premaratne was later reported to have flown to Canada, seeking political asylum, which he refuted, and claimed that he was expecting a work visa in Canada.

In 2020, the popular actor was announced as a candidate for the 2020 parliamentary election from the Anuradhapura District as a member of the Sri Lanka People’s Freedom Alliance, a political alliance led by the SLPP formed in 2019. 

He obtained 133,550 votes and won a seat in the 16th Parliament of Sri Lanka.


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Apple is the world’s first $1 trillion brand: Kantar




Kantar BrandZ’s Top 10 Most Valuable Global Brands 2024 has named Apple as the world’s first trillion-dollar brand, holding onto pole position for the third consecutive year. 

Google, Microsoft, and Amazon join Apple atop the rankings, with McDonald’s rounding up the top 5.

Demonstrating how effective AI has become for driving brand value, NVIDIA has lept 18 places to crack the top 10 for the first time, holding sixth position with a 178% year-on-year brand value increase. 

Facebook rejoined the Top 10 after a one-year absence, while Oracle joined the Top 10 for the first time. 

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