Railway strike affects office trains (Update)



Several office trains have been cancelled due to a railway strike this evening.

The Army has been deployed at the Fort railway station following the cancellation of trains and protests by commuters.

Railway General Manager Kumara Gunasinghe confirmed that about 40% of office trains have been affected.

Operative Superintendent M. J Indipola has said that guards are delaying the trains on purpose in order to get the trains cancelled.


(Previous News: 04th October, 2023 at 12:52pm)

Station Masters request not to make Railways Dept. an Authority

The Railways Station Masters’ Association said that it has requested the President to take steps to restructure Sri Lanka Railways without making it an Authority.

Its secretary Kasun Chamara said that many issues may arise if Railways Department was made an Authority.

He further said: “We, as the Railways Station Master’s Association, have expressed our views at all the meetings. We have always said that it would be better to restructure Sri Lanka Railways instead of making it an authority. We have seen the Secretary of the Ministry saying that the Treasury will not allocate funds to pay the employees’ salary. He said that the salaries of the employees should be paid based on the profit earned by the department which currently incurs heavy losses. I think any move to make the deportment an authority should be decided by an experts committee.”


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