Stops business class travel for top officials



The Presidential Secretariat will shortly issue a circular restricting senior state officials, including the President’s and the Prime Minister’s Secretaries from using business class travel on overseas official trips.

Accordingly, several officials who enjoyed the facility so far will have to travel on economy class.

Among those who were entitled to the facility were judges of the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal, secretaries to ministries,  the Cabinet Secretary, the Central Bank Governor and the Attorney General.

The decision comes after revelations that a delegation from the Foreign Ministry due to attend Human Rights sessions in Geneva next week had been booked on business class with each of the tickets costing Rs 800,000.

Further inquiries had revealed several other state officials had been travelling on business class despite the adverse financial situation in the country.

A senior official said some of the officials had been willing to travel on economy class, but due to previous practices they had travelled on business class.

The circular will also impose restrictions on hotel accommodation during during foreign visits of officials.

The official said the circular would be issued in keeping with the government’s policy of cutting down on expenses.

However, no changes will be made regarding minister’s travel practices.

(The Sunday Times)


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