Substandard IOC diesel to be distributed?



A stock of diesel imported from Singapore by the IOC, onboard the fuel tanker – Fos Power, is to be distributed among consumers despite two laboratory test reports done on fuel samples have proved the stock to be of substandard condition, reports say.

The stock of 40,000MT of diesel has been tested in this manner at the request of Lanka IOC.

Diesel samples were tested from the 1p, 1S, 3P, 3S, 5P, 5S tanks of the “Fos Power” ship.

The initial report – LIOC/2023/07 was initially obtained on Nov. 05.

A second lab report yesterday had also confirmed that the fuel was substandard.

Regardless of this, a decision has been taken to distribute the stock from Kolonnawa, reports say.

The vessel – Fos Power, which left Singapore on Oct. 30, had arrived at the Colombo Port on Nov. 05.

(Source : Aruna)


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