Sudharma’s domestic aide suspected of theft dies in police custody



Salaka Senkada group owner Gamini Nethicumara’s ex-wife and teledrama producer Sudharma’s domestic aide has died after being hospitalized while detained under police custody.

The deceased was identified as a 42-year-old woman named R. Raj Kumari, a resident of Demodara, Nawala Watta in Badulla.

Sudharma, a well-known film and television producer and a businesswoman residing at Royal Gardens in Rajagiriya has complained to the Welikada Police on the 11th about a theft allegedly committed by the domestic aide.

The police had arrested the aide who was working at another house at Cotta Road in Borella.

Police information revealed that she was taken to the police station and was interrogated at length. She died after being admitted to the Colombo National Hospital due to difficulty in breathing developed during the interrogation.

The state-owned “Dinamina” newspaper reported that even though the Welikada Police OIC usually shared information about other incidents with the media, he was unable to provide any information regarding this incident.

About two year ago, Ryan Nethicumara, the 31-year-old son of Gamini and Sudharma, committed suicide after jumping from the 10th floor of the Durdens Hospital in Kollupitiya.

It was reported that Gamini and Sudharma were living separately and the deceased Ryan was living with his father.


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