Talks among Diaspora’s Roy, Wijeyadasa & Hemarathana Thera for broad alliance!



The government has decided to form a broad national alliance by uniting the Tamil diaspora and Sri Lankans abroad who value peace and reconciliation.

As a preliminary step, it was reported that a programme to build harmony between the representatives of the Tamil diaspora against the Eelam ideology and the Maha Sangha is currently underway.

The government has planned to implement this new programme with the objective of getting the support of the Tamil diaspora expedited for development activities in the country.

Roy Samathanam, one of the main activists of the Tamil diaspora in Canada, has also engaged in a preliminary discussion with Justice Minister Dr. Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe and Atamasthanadipathi Ven. Pallegama Hemarathana Thera on the plans to build national reconciliation during a visit.

“The members of the Maha Sangha have made a great contribution to build national harmony since the time of the kings. The Tamil diaspora and other people living abroad who value peace and reconciliation are also invited to join these talks. All the necessary facilities will be provided,” Ven. Hemarathana Thera said.

The Thera said that he will fully support the activities to protect the rights of the citizens who love this country without any political interference.

“A large number of people left the country during the war. We should create the necessary environment to live in harmony by preventing such conflicts from happening again,” Samathanam said.


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