Thieves cause Rs.6mn in damages to Kelani Bridge & Rs.200mn to E03



The reports that copper wires and nails worth more than Rs.280 million have been removed from the newly constructed Golden Gate Kalyani built on loan assistance received from Japan is false, Road Development Authority (RDA) Director General L. V. S. Weerakoon said.

He said that there were many false reports circulating in the media that there has been a loss of Rs.280 million due to the nails of the New Kelani Bridge being removed, and that it is unsafe to use the bridge. 

“The truth is that some people who entered the New Kelani Bridge and the Colombo–Katunayake Expressway (E03) without permission have caused damage. However, there has been no theft of the nails of the Kelani Bridge. The nails fixed there can only be removed with special equipment. However, there has been damages worth Rs. 6 million caused to the boards under the bridge, electrical cables connected to security cameras, GI pipes, etc,”

Rs.200 million loss to E03

“It has been reported that a cable in a 13 km-long section of the Katunayake Expressway has been cut in several places. The damage is estimated at Rs.200 million. Necessary steps have been taken in this regard.”

“After conducting several rounds of discussions with the Inspector General of Police, a special police unit has been installed to protect the Kelani Bridge. The investigative teams have managed to uncover important facts about the places where the stolen parts were sold and about the people who sold these items. Several people have been arrested for allegedly damaging the expressway. Special security arrangements are being followed in this regard. Last week, the National Security Council chaired by the President also discussed this matter. It was advised to prepare a special plan for the security of such places with the support of external security services as required in addition to the security provided by the police.”

“Many such incidents have been reported during the period when the electricity supply was restricted from time to time in the past. However, this information was not disclosed to the external parties sooner as it may have hampered the investigations carried out by the security forces. Accordingly, I can confirm that the nails of the Kelani Bridge have not been removed. All necessary security arrangements are being implemented to prevent such acts of vandalism in the future,” he said.

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