Three arrested for possessing ‘ambergris’



Three suspects have been arrested in Nedagamuwa, Gampaha for possessing ‘ambergris’ which is produced in the digestive system of sperm whales.

Almost 2 kilos and 646 grams of ambergris were found in the possession of the suspects aged 28, 29 and 48.

According to information received that a stock of ambergris with high value is for sale, the Gampaha Crime Investigation Division conducted the raid with the help of an informant.

The suspects are scheduled to be produced in the Gampaha Magistrate’s Court today (01).

Ambergris, which is a dark gray or blackish solid, waxy substance, can be found in the stomachs of dead sperm whales found floating in the sea or washed ashore. Ambergris is said to be in high demand among perfume manufacturers as it is used to allow the scent of perfumes to last for a long time.


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