Today is Bak Full Moon Poya Day



Today marks Navam Full Moon Poya day.

Buddhists around the world mark the day with reverence as many significant events in Buddhist history took place on such a day.

It is on such a Full Moon Poya Day that Lord Buddha appointed Arahaths Sariputra and Moggalyanya as his chief disciples.

The first-ever Buddhist congregation was also held on a day such as today.

Incidentally, it is on a Navam Full Moon Poya Day that Lord Buddha  preached the Ovadha Prathimoksha – which provides guildelines for am ordained Bhikkhu .

Another significant event which occurred on Navam Full Moon Poya Day is the announcement made by Lord Buddha that he would attain Parinibbana on Vesak Full Moon Poya Day .


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