Today is Nikini Full Moon Poya day



Today (30) is the Full Moon Poya day of the Sinhala month of Nikini, where many religious services were held in this country, including the holding of the first Dharma Sangayana.

Gauthama Buddha’s dharma treasurer, Ananda Thera, passed away on a Nikini Full Moon day, and the construction of the Seruvila Mangala Chaitya started on a Nikini Full Moon day like today.

According to the Sasana rules, the Upasampada or senior monks who could not perform the Perawas ritual on the previous full moon day, perform the Pasuwas ritual on this Poya.

Ancient Buddhists of Anuradhapura carried bundles of firewood to protect the Sri Maha Bodhi, the Sacred Bo tree that enlightened the minds of the Buddhists, from wild elephants, on the Full Moon day of Nikini. Because of this, Nikini Poya is also known as ‘Daramiti Poya’.

Also, the final Randoli Maha Perahara of the Esala festival in Kandy parades on Kandy roads on this Poya.


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