Trade unions’ demands unfair, says Health Ministry



While admitting that the health workers deserve a pay hike, the Health Ministry said the pay hike that the health trade unions are demanding is not fair at this juncture.

The token strike was organized in protest at the government’s decision to exclusively raise the Disturbance, Availability and Transport (DAT) allowance by Rs 35,000 for doctors.

Speaking to Daily Mirror, Deputy Director General (Medical Services) Dr. G. Wijesuriya said the primary focus of the Health Ministry is to guarantee the effective and appropriate delivery of healthcare services to the general public.

“In addition, we also ensure that the health workers are facilitated. However, the grievance that the trade unions are voicing at present is not reasonable due to the fact that the doctors are paid the allowance given their professional standards,” he pointed out.

“Moreover, if regular health workers are requesting a salary increase similar to what has been given to doctors, it may not be considered a justifiable request,” he added.

Nevertheless, he said the Health Ministry had contemplated recommending a reasonable pay hike to the all health workers in due course.

Patients across the region face significant inconvenience as all health personnel, including administrative officers, health management assistants, development officers, assistants and hospital health assistants unite for a 48- hour strike.

Despite the strike ending this morning, the trade unions warn of resorting to another strike next week.



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