Train strike called off!



The strike which was scheduled to be launched by the train drivers and controllers at midnight yesterday (09) has been called off after reaching an agreement during a discussion with the management.

The Locomotive Operating Engineers Union earlier decided to withdraw from its services and launch a trade union action from midnight yesterday (09) based on several issues in the Railways Department.

Issuing a statement, the Association said that they were scheduled to launch the strike against the cuts in overtime payments of employees including train drivers, cancellation of some passenger transport trains, and failing to properly manage the revenue generated from fuel transport trains and freight trains as well as unfair and unjust taxation.

Also, they said that it is essential to implement policies such as proper management of railways property including land owned by the Railways Department in order to increase the revenue.

It was further mentioned in the statement that the union has submitted the issues to the Railways General Manager on April 2, 2022 but no positive result has been received so far.


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