Trishaw & bus fares to remain unchanged



Private bus owner unions say despite the increase of diesel prices there is NO need to increase the bus fares.

General Secretary of the All Ceylon Private Bus Owners Association Anjana Priyanjith has said that there will be no fare hike despite the increase of diesel prices after last night’s fuel price revision.

However, he has stated that if diesel prices are upped again, they will be compelled to increase the bus fare by a significant amount.

Meanwhile, Lanka Private Bus Owners’ Association (LPBOA) Chairman, Gemunu Wijeratne has said that they are unable to impose a fare hike at this juncture due to an agreement reached between the bus owners and the National Transport Commission.

Meanwhile, trishaw associations also say that fares will remain unchanged despite the price of Octane 92 petrol being slashed by last night’s price revision.


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