Two thefts at NIE on two consecutive days



Two incidents of theft of money from two groups of students studying at the National Institute of Education (NIE), Maharagama were reported to Sri Lanka Mirror.

These two thefts had taken place on two consecutive days when the students, who were staying on the third floor of the institution, went downstairs for their thesis related studies.

The students had informed the authorities on the first day itself after money got stolen from all of them.

The authorities have inspected all the students, after which they have informed that the institution cannot intervene and complain to the police as no public property has been damaged in the theft.

Later, the heads of the NIE had told the students to personally complain to the Maharagama Police, and accordingly several students have made complaints.

Following this situation, it was reported that students are reluctant to visit the NIE for their studies.

It was said that the NIE charges Rs.30,000 from one student for enrolling at the institution.


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