Underground restaurant opened in Bogala Graphite Mine



A restaurant was opened 124 meters (410 feet) below the ground for the first time in Sri Lanka at the Bogala Graphite Mine on August 12 for authorised visitors, the Graphite Mine’s CEO Amila Jayasinghe said.

The crater which was referred to as the Bogala Alfred Crater at the mine was renamed as the Malalasekara Graphite Crater on Saturday (12) which was the 78th Birth Anniversary of Vijaya Prasanna Malalasekara.

The current depth of the Bogala Graphite Mine is 476 meters or 1,585 feet. Descending to a depth of 124 meters (410 feet), the first crater excavated by the foreigners can be seen. The new underground restaurant has been installed about 150 meters further from the crater.

CEO Jayasinghe said that it was for the first time in Sri Lanka that a restaurant had been installed in an underground crater. Fifteen people can enjoy food at a time in this restaurant. Malalasekara Crater is mechanically supplied with oxygen and Wi-Fi facilities as well.



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