Unknown DNA sample found on Schaffter’s body!



The Criminal Investigations Department (CID) yesterday (14) informed Colombo Additional Magistrate Rajindra Jayasuriya that the Government Analyst’s report has mentioned that an unknown DNA sample was found on the body of deceased Janashakthi PLC Director Dinesh Schaffter.

The CID informed the court that the water bottle used by the deceased, the cable wire found around his neck and the zip tie with which his hands were tied, contained foreign DNA samples.

The Additional Magistrate issued an order directing the Chief Judicial Medical Officer of Colombo National Hospital and the Government Analyst to preserve and not to destroy the body parts and blood samples of the deceased businessman.

The CID told the court that the Government Analyst has issued an order to summon the persons who were at the scene of the crime and other suspects to the Analyst’s Office to conduct DNA tests.

Accordingly, to investigate whose DNA samples were found, the Additional Magistrate ordered the CID to present four persons, including the watchmen of the Borella General Cemetery and a police officer who had first visited the place where Schaffter was found in his car, to the Government Analyst.

The Magistrate also issued an order to the director of the Colombo National Hospital to submit to the court the records containing the patient’s bed number and all the medical treatments given to Dinesh Schaffter when the deceased was admitted to the intensive care unit of the Colombo National Hospital on December 15.

The Magistrate made this order subsequent to a request made by President’s Counsel Anuja Premaratne, who appeared on behalf of the deceased party.

Mr. Premaratne also requested the court to issue an order to immediately submit the photographs and video footage taken at the time of the autopsy to the court.

A request was also made to submit the reports of one Dr. Nalin who attended to the body and the photographs of the SOCO officers of the Borella Police.

Accordingly, the Magistrate ordered the CID to implement these orders immediately since the post-mortem examination of Mr. Schaffter was found questionable and that there is foreign DNA sample found on his body.



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