US to require negative COVID tests for travellers from China



The United States will require negative COVID-19 tests for travellers from China, US health officials have said, after China’s decision to lift stringent restrictions to contain the virus.

According to Al Jazeera, the officials have said on Wednesday that the new policy, which will kick in on January 5, will apply to all air passengers over two years old from China, Hong Kong or Macao.

Tests must be taken “no more than two days before their departure”, a health official said. Travellers who test positive more than 10 days before a flight can provide documentation of recovery in place of a negative test result.

On Monday, Beijing said it would scrap mandatory COVID quarantines for overseas arrivals from January 8, prompting many in China to rush to plan trips abroad.

China has experienced a recent surge of COVID-19 cases after it rolled back its strict anti-virus controls. The so-called “zero COVID” policies, which included lockdowns and extensive testing, had curbed the spread of the virus but also led to public frustration and hampered economic growth.

China has faced international criticism over alleged inconsistencies in its official COVID data reporting.


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