Victoria Power Plant can generate electricity only for 30 more days



If the Victoria Hydropower Plant is used at its maximum capacity to generate electricity, its capacity will only last for 30 days, media reported.

The maximum water level of the Victoria Reservoir is 438 meters above sea level.

However, the water capacity of the reservoir has decreased and the maximum water level is currently at 409.7 meters above sea level.

The reservoir can generate electricity only when the maximum water level is above 380 meters above sea level.

When there is maximum water capacity, between 06 and 08 gigawatt hours of electricity can be produced and between 13 and 14 million cubic meters of water is released from the reservoir.

Though the water was released to produce electricity with a capacity of less than 01 gigawatt hours in the recent past, 6.5 million cubic meters of water will be released from the reservoir for the production of 2.5 gigawatt hours of electricity from yesterday (09) due to the breakdown of one of the generators in the Norochcholai Power Plant.


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