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What will happen to SLT’s most precious fiber optic cables?



Among the physical assets owned by Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT) to be sold, it is reported that the most valuable asset is the cable system consisting of five underground cables (submarine fiber optic cable system) that provides communication facilities from Sri Lanka to foreign countries.

Meanwhile, it was reported that both Malaysia and India are trying to buy the SLT.

However, it is said that if SLT were to sell the 49.5% shares owned by the government, Malaysia’s Global Telecom Holding (GTH), which owns 44.98% of the SLT, should first be invited.

According to the SLT Privatization Agreement, shares of GTH owned by Malaysian Tamil Buddhist Ananda Krishnan of Sri Lankan origin and the Sri Lankan Government are prohibited from being sold to third parties.

The government can sell its 49.5% stake to a third party only if the Malaysian company refuses to buy the shares.

Lalitha Hewagamage, a social media activist, in a post on his Facebook page said that Malaysia’s Dialog Axiata already owns more than 82.74% of Dialog’s shares. If GTH owns SLT, Malaysia will be the lead telecommunications owner in Sri Lanka.

He said that this is a beautiful acquisition compared to the South Indian, Portuguese, Dutch and English conquests.

He also said that the minions of President Ranil Wickremesinghe are trying to violate the agreement and transfer the shares owned by the government to a third buyer like Lycamobile or Reliance.

Mr. Hewagamage warned that if the agreement is violated, the country will have to pay compensation to GTH in an international court in the future.

He said the amount of compensation could be more than the amount obtained by selling the shares owned by the government.

Who is behind the idea?

Economic experts pointed out that developed countries with large economies have achieved their economic growth by moving to the world of e-commerce.

Accordingly, it is important for the government to have a stake in the country’s communication system to develop a country.

Meanwhile, security analysts pointed out that India is already working carefully to acquire the printing of national identity cards and its database, and its second step is to take over the national communication network.

Indian wolves vying for SLT

It has been confirmed that Reliance company owned by the Mittals family, as well as Jio company owned by Mukesh Ambani and Lycamobile owned by Subaskaran Aliraja are interested in buying SLT.

Reliance also owns Airtel in Sri Lanka.

Rohan is the most unsuccessful chairman…

Meanwhile, SLT trade unions said that current Chairman Rohan Fernando is the most unsuccessful chairman in SLT history.

Though the Chairman has told the media how SLT has become profitable, they said he is now silent about selling such a profitable company.

What Nanda Malini said about selling country’s resources:


Parliament votes to debate VAT bill today




The Sri Lankan Parliament has voted to debate the Value Added Tax (Amendment) Bill on today (Nov. 11).

The ruling party proposed that the VAT (Amendment) Bill be taken up for debate today, following the third reading of the appropriation bill.

However, as the opposition rejected the government’s move, the Speaker of parliament decided to call for a vote on whether the VAT (Amendment) Bill will be taken up for debate today.

Accordingly, a vote took place shortly after 9:30 am, with 92 votes in favour, 41 votes against and 01 abstention.

Earlier, the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) in a statement announced that they will vote against the VAT Bill.

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Kataragama chief custodian & grandson missing during Tiran’s visit




The chief custodian (Kapu Mahattaya) of the Ruhunu Kataragama Devalaya and his grandson (who is currently the custodian in charge of the Devala store room), have disappeared from Kataragama, reports say.

Last week, the Attorney General instructed to arrest the duo over a 38-pound gold offering that had gone missing from the Devalaya. The offering had been made by the wife of former underworld leader – Angoda Lokka.

Accordingly, the chief custodian – Dhurandara Somipala Ratnayake and his grandson – Saman Priyantha or Chuti Kapu Mahathaya, who is in charge of the temple’s storeroom, are to be arrested.

Meanwhile, the duo had not turned up when the Acting IGP – Deshabandu Tennakoon and Minister of Public Security – Tiran Alles had visited the Kiri Vehera and Kataragama Devalaya on Dec. 09 for religious observances.

Only 03 other custodians had been present at the Devalaya during that time.

A custodian had informed higher officials that the duo had recently left for another province, with plans to appear in courts through lawyers’ intervention and amid political support.

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Chief custodian of the Kataragama Devalaya to be arrested

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Consumer Protection Act to be amended to prosecute rice hoarders




The Consumer Protection Act (CPA) is to be amended in a bid to prosecute rice hoarders, reports say.

The current provisions of the CPA only allows officers of the Consumer Affairs Authority to inspect and prosecute persons and institutions who sell at higher prices.

It does not empower the CAA officers to prosecute persons hiding rice or other foodstuffs or to inspect such places.

This has been discussed at a Cabinet meeting and the state owned ‘Daily News’ reports that necessary amendments of this Act will be submitted to the Cabinet next month.

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